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    Individuals and organizations are welcome to participate in some of our activities. You just have to send us your contact information so we can include you in our invitation list. Also, if you already have existing projects but would want us to help you out, please feel free to visit our office for a brainstorming session. Please be informed that due to financial constraints we may not be able to help you with project funding.Occasionally, a number of scholars within Malaysia and from foreign countries are hosted by REPUSM where they present their research work, conduct seminars, workshops and other trainings, or they are invited as guest panelists to discuss issues related to peace and conflict situations with the USM community as its captive audience. Apart from the selection of scholars and guests, topics of the seminars are sometimes decided according to current events and relevance. One example is the seminar held in October 9, 2004 where two Patani community leaders were invited as panelists for a discussion on the “Crisis.

    Latest News

    Book Launching & Seminar : “Bangsamoro Quest: The Birth of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front”

    Date :January 31, 2012           Venue:Social Science Conference Room (C06)            

    SEACSN-Vietnam General Meeting

    Date :January 28      Venue :Hanoi, Vietnam

    SEACSN Regional Meeting ( National Coordinators & Convenors)

    Date : Feb 26-27   Venue : Hotel Equatorial Penang, Malaysia